As a way to help save you money, whilst also capturing regular memories with your children, I have “Child V.I.P Passes” available. There are two options, outlined below, and you can sign up for this membership at any point and you can start photos with me at any point. Full terms of the membership are below the membership details. Please read them in full before signing up. Following signing up, you will receive an email with all the terms too and I will also take note of your child(ren) birthday(s) so that I can plan each month for how many shoots to expect.

  • Option 1: “Birthday and Christmas“: £10 / month (worth up to £150)
    • A birthday shoot each year
    • Choose any one of the Christmas shoots available

  • Option 2: “All in“: £15 / month (worth up to £225)
    • A birthday shoot each year
    • Three mini shoots a year included (i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween)
    • An annual family photoshoot

  • Additional Option: You can buy extra sibling passes for £5 / month per sibling
    • They get a birthday shoot each year
    • They get the same mini shoots / shoots / family shoot but I will extend the time for you as required to enable individual and group photos

You can sign up to a membership here via PayPal and the subscription will come out monthly:

Membership Options

Full terms:

  • No age limits, all children are suitable. A newborn shoot is not considered a birthday shoot though so the first birthday shoot would be the first eligible birthday shoot.
  • Please be aware that depending on how many children I have signed up each month for their birthdays, there may be a maximum numbers of passes I can accept. I will advise you by email if this is the case.
  • There would be no extra hidden costs as all photos included as with all my prices in an online private library for download, watermark free. The only costs might be for something specific that you’re wanting that’s not included i.e. a birthday cake.
  • You can cancel at any time but if within the year and any shoots have been used from your allowance of shoots, the proportionate difference would be due if not paid in full for the service provided. Where excess has been paid, you will receive the full amount of the excess in voucher form to be used at any point with no end date.
  • If you have already had one of the included shoots prior to signing up for the membership, no refunds are available but you will be signed up now so it will then apply for the following shoot (i.e. their next birthday shoot).
  • Mini shoots and Christmas shoots are set themes and I cannot change these – these will also only be at my studio as not as easy to be mobile. Birthday shoots and family shoots can be selected from a wide range of options and can also be indoor or outdoor.
  • If at any point a mini shoot was not being offered for any reason, this would be substituted for another service offering.
  • There is no cash value to the subscription and it cannot be transferred between children. The services cannot be substituted for another either.
  • Following purchase, you will receive an email with full terms and you have 14 days to change your mind and I will refund your payment for the first month within this timeframe.